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Prior to Massage


You will receive a reminder two days prior to your appointment. Within your profile you can specify which means of communication you prefer.


Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your first appointment or 10 minutes prior for all subsequent appointments. This will allow time to relax prior to your session and complete any necessary forms.


Avoiding the stress of rushing will make your massage more effective and relaxing. Please hydrate prior to your massage and avoid excessive caffeine or alcohol. It is also advisable to avoid taking any pain medication prior to your massage.


You will be directed to fill out a simple intake form. Please take the time to fill out this form accurately. In some instances, massage can have a negative impact on your health as massage impacts the flow of blood.


Providing an accurate health history (including medications) will ensure your massage remains a pleasurable and effective experience.


E-Sign by typing your name within the directed location. If you do not have access to a computer this can be completed manually before your appointment; however, completing electronically is more efficient and will save time.


New clients who complete all their client information on-line will have their massage extended by 10 Minutes.




During Massage

Just prior to your initial massage a quick postural assessment will completed along with any applicable range of motion and / or orthopedic tests if you have a specific condition.


This step ensures your current and future massages will be efficient and effective.


Your massage will be customized to your specific needs. You will be asked what you want to accomplish during your massage. You may request specific techniques or allow your therapist to chose the appropriate style and techniques to achieve your desired outcome.


You will be treated with the utmost respect, made to feel welcome and kept comfortable. Secure draping will be performed at all times. The only area exposed will be the area currently being worked on.


Consent will be sought before working on sensitive areas such as the gluteal region. Appropriate levels of communication will be maintained. This communication will ensure we are using comfortable techniques and the correct amount of pressure.


After Massage

Once you are dressed, stretching and strengthening exercises will be demonstrated. These movements will be specifically designed to reverse any tension and discomfort you may be experiencing. These movements can easily be performed at work or home. Upon request, illustrations and instructions can be emailed to you.


You may feel some discomfort the next day and this is normal. Keep in mind that therapeutic massage is similar to exercise and the muscles need some time to recuperate.


Stay hydrated!!

What To Expect

Easy to Book


Efficient on-line booking giving you full view of all available appointments. If you have specific questions prior to your appointment or have difficulty setting up your client profile, please call or text Colin at 780-804-2673.


Please be patient as I may be with a client. I will return your call or text as soon as possible.

If any of the following apply to you, please discuss and get clearance from your doctor prior to booking your massage:

· Pregnancy

· Severe Allergies

· Recent surgery

·  Epilepsy

· Cancer

· Diabetes

· Cardiac problems

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