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Colin Cox, RMT

Every client has differing needs and preferences. Every Massage Therapist has their own unique skill set. The key to achieving your best results is matching yourself with a therapist who has the right skillset for your needs.


I will not claim to be the best therapist in town; however, it is fair to say that I am the strongest. My promise is to provide quality result-focused treatments that will make a positive difference in your well-being. I can help you get back on track, whether it be for simple stress reduction or more complex matters such as improved mobility, postural re-alignment, pain management, injury rehabilitation, or sport performance

Originally from Nova Scotia, I relocated to Ontario during the 90’s and have been a proud Fort McMurray resident since 2014.


I have a passion for Kinesiology and the dynamic movement of the human body. Although my initial University studies took me in the direction of management, sales and service; my passion for holistic health and sports medicine only grew as time passed.


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In addition to being trained by skilled and knowledgeable instructors at the Alberta College of Massage Therapy, I have had the benefit of being worked on by some of the best therapists in the country. My education combined with pastime activities such as weight training and being a multidisciplinary athlete makes me well aware of the dynamic stresses that are placed on the human body and what needs to be done to promote healing and recovery of all soft tissue dysfunction.


While Strength of pressure may set me apart from other therapists, I am adept at adjusting that pressure as required to suit individual needs. I employ a mix of Swedish and non-Swedish massage techniques. This allows highly focused therapeutic sessions to still feel relaxing.

I am fortunate to have the opportunity of opening my practice within MacDonald Island, Canada’s largest recreational facility, and look forward to enhancing the well-being of my clients.

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