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Benefits Of Massage

Everyone can benefit from regular massage.


Whether you are a labourer,  weekend warrior that constantly overdoes it, an office worker confined to a desk, a student studying for finals, or a patient recovering from injury or surgery: there is a customized massage treatment that is right for you.

Back Massage

Take control of your well being and trust massage treatments to assist with:

  • Resetting your body clock between day and night shifts


  • Managing and relieving chronic neck and upper back pain


  • Relieving stress and promoting relaxation


  • Reversing postural imbalances


  • Managing and relieving low back pain


  • Recovering from whiplash


  • Easing everyday aches and pains


  • Boosting the immune system


  • Increasing circulation and reducing hypertension


  • Relieving the symptoms of depression or anxiety


  • Improving flexibility


  • Reducing the frequency of migraines


  • Relieving tension headaches


  • Increasing joint mobility

  • Reversing or treating Thoracic Outlet Syndrome


  • Healing of Ligament sprains, or muscle strains


  • Promoting post-surgery rehabilitation and healing


  • Lessening chronic fatigue and the effects of sleep disorders


  • Enhancing exercise or sport performance


  • Healing tissue involved with repetitive strain  injuries such as tendinitis


  • Relieving nerve impingements such as Sciatica or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


  • Improving the appearance of scar tissue


  • MVA rehabilitation


  • And a countless number of specific conditions too lengthy for this list. If you are suffering from a specific condition please contact To the Core Massage Therapy for a complimentary phone consultation and discussion on how massage may help you.

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